Write to Your MP

You can join in with our latest campaign, or simply write to your MP or local newspaper, and share on social media.

Write to your MP and ask them to support Carbon Fee and Dividend

Writing to your MP is the first step in building a relationship with your elected government representative. It will create the political will needed to adopt Carbon Fee and Dividend as the solution to climate change and pollution.

You can either email or post a letter or message them via the bottom of the page (with thanks to Write to Them).

Suggested outline for your letter:

  • Make it personal by introducing yourself with a little something about you – eg job, children, faith affiliation, etc. – and mention why climate change and pollution is a concern for you or why you are involved with Citizens’ Climate Lobby.
  • Say that you think the best solution is carbon fee and dividend and ask if he/she will introduce or support such legislation.
  • If there is a particular reason you have been inspired to write to your MP, say why – e.g. latest climate change news; you’ve just heard about the carbon fee and dividend solution, etc.
  • Ask for a reply.
  • If you are posting or emailing a letter, include your name, address, date and phone number. Address it ‘Dear [MP’s NAME]’ and remember to keep a copy.

Your MP may not be aware of carbon fee and dividend so here’s an explanation you may like to use:

Emissions from the burning of fossil fuels are the greatest contributor to our planet’s current climate change and air pollution.

Carbon Fee & Dividend places an annually rising fee on fossil fuels when they are extracted or imported into the UK. This money (minus a cost-only administration fee) is divided equally between UK citizens.

This fee is a pollution cost on the burning of fossil fuels but it gives citizens the money to cope with the price rise. The price rise will help make existing clean technology the cheapest and most economical option.

Meanwhile businesses and investors will see a clear, predictable economic reason to develop and switch to cleaner technologies.

It works not by telling people what to do, but by influencing behaviour to a fossil fuel-free world.

And do forward your correspondance and replies to us – so we can keep track of who’s been contacted.

Thank you for your interest and effort! To get started, enter your postcode below.