Write to Your MP

You can join in with our latest campaign, or simply write to your MP or local newspaper, and share on social media.

Write to your MP and ask them to support Carbon Fee and Dividend

Creating the political will for change can come in many forms – protest, demonstrations, passive resistance. All peaceful methods have their place. Having a good relationship with your MP is the cornerstone of CCL’s activism, and an email or letter is a ideal first contact.

You can either email or post a letter or message them via the bottom of the page (with thanks to Write to Them).

Suggested outline for your first email/letter:

  • Make it personal by introducing yourself with a little something about you – eg job, children, faith affiliation, etc. – and why you are so worried about climate change, and that the government has to do everything it can to tackle it, right now. Show passion rather than logic at this stage!
  • Say that you’ve heard about carbon fee and dividend and that it seems the best way to price carbon to tackle climate change – and price fossil fuels out of the market.
  • Give a link to the explanation of CF&D – citizensclimatelobby.uk/policy
  • Ask what they think.
  • If you are posting or emailing a letter, include your name, address, date and phone number so they know you are a constituent. Address it ‘Dear [MP’s NAME]’ and remember to keep a copy.

The key point is that any communication is better than no communication. A short email is better than no email. A question is better than nothing.

All communication puts pressure on your MP to act and shows that their constituent – their voter – cares about climate change and an effective solution.

So, remember your first communication is your opener to a productive relationship, you don’t have to chuck everything in there or be all-knowledgeable about climate change fee and dividend. But you do have to show you believe it to be the biggest concern of our age, and that all the stops have to be pulled out to tackle this huge problem.


When you get a reply, reply to them and so on.

Your first reply will probably be political flannel – keep going firmly with gratitude, politeness and respect. Don’t be afraid to call them out on inadequate action or inaccuracies, or confusing environmental action with action on climate change, but do give them credit where credit is due.

Tell them they have your support for change, rather holding them to account.

Remember: MPs are humans too, as well as your public servant, and we all respond better to acknowledgement and support.

Do forward your correspondance and replies to us – so we can keep track of who’s been contacted and where they stand.

Here’s further advice, and some examples of correspondence  (via Goggle Drive)

Thank you for your interest and efforts! To get started, enter your postcode below.