Happy spring! Our latest plans, campaign, news on local groups and new members.

2018 planning

Advisory Group Workday – seven of us met at the end of January to draft the 2018 strategy, and we had a wonderfully productive time. Look out for our next one – if you enjoy the buzz of working at this level, with other enthusiasts for change, let us know.

In 2018 we have planned:-

  • a bi-monthly newsletter and action briefing
  • monthly national skype get-togethers
  • at least three main campaigns
  • to take advantage of any opportunities to use the five levers of political will
    to develop local groups
  • to recruit endorsements from prominent figures
  • to be clear on government policy and working methods
  • to research how Carbon Fee and Dividend can be enacted within our political system
  • to research how Carbon Fee and Dividend could work within our economy (the data we have at the moment is from Canadian and US models).

Please let us know how you would like to get involved. As well as working on the five levers, and experts as above, we need people to write articles for the website and provide administrative support.

Is this you? Get in touch.

Campaign – end fossil fuel subsidies

Did you know that fossil fuels are still being subsidised by our government with our tax?

On June 6th, the G7 – the seven countries who represent half the world’s economic output – will meet in Ottawa. We need to send them a strong message.

In 2016 the G7 agreed to phase out fossil fuel subsidies by 2025.

CCL is part of the global task force of civil society organisations now calling for that agreement to be honoured – we are joining that call by writing a letter to the Prime Minister, and/or by encouraging people to sign a prepared postcard.

To join in, click here.

Jonny and Jess from Big Packs 'n' Ice Caps

Jonny and Jess from Big Packs ‘n’ Ice Caps

New members

Our membership has nearly doubled in the last six months, and features some impressive new members.

Jonny Peskett and partner Jess
These Marlborough Wiltshire-raised post-grads (pictured above) are spreading the good news about CCL and Carbon Fee & Dividend while back-packing round the world. Jonny first connected with us over three and a half years ago, but recent first-hand sights of climate-change have spurred him and Jess into learning, joining, and soon sharing with their own blog – BIG PACKS ‘N  ICE CAPS.   We’re hoping to hear lots more from them – and to see it on our website & in the press – and to hear from many more of their generation, through them.

Zeeshan Hasan
Zeeshan recently arrived in London after 25 years in Bangladesh, and is eager to join the CCL work here.  For some time, he has been sharing his analysis of the climate crisis – and the fate threatening that country in particular – in his blog Goodbye Bangladesh, and is regularly published in the Bangladeshi mainstream press.

Peter Wadhams
Peter is a global authority on sea-ice and author of A Farewell to Ice – his report on the frontline of planetary change in the Arctic and Antarctic after 50 trips to the poles. Though now based mainly in Cambridge, Peter is in demand world-wide as a speaker on the climate threat. He tells us that audiences always ask him, “What can we do about this?”  – and as an passionate advocate of CCL and our policy, he now has an answer for them.

Ed presents to Sussex Uni students

Ed presents to Sussex Uni students

New Groups

There is a new group starting in the Devizes constituency (Wiltshire) and a reinvigorated Henley group.

After another successful presentation by Ed Atkinson at Sussex University (pictured above), four students joined on the spot, and we’re hoping they’ll start something, too! It was an excellent turn-out – notices for Ed’s presentation were chalked in bright colours on the pavements leading to the venue…

If you’d like to start a local CCL constituency group, get in touch.

Henley group meeting:
Contact Ed Atkinson

Devizes constituency group meetings:
Every fourth Tuesday at 7.30pm, next one 24th April at St Peter’s Church, Marlborough
Contact Louisa Davison


Climate Keys

The first of the 2018 Climate Keys concerts took place in Maastricht in early March in association with the Dutch Green Party and Fossil Free. Forthcoming concerts this spring include an event in Bonn during COP Intercessional Meeting with guest speaker Andrew Higham who drafted the Paris Agreement, and a concert in London to tie in with the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting on 17th April. Climate Keys, founded by composer, pianist and CCL UK member Lola Perrin, is a global initiative combining musicians and climate change experts to create audience conversations about climate change solutions.