Respond to the Government consultation on the best way to tax fossil fuels

The Government is currently consulting on carbon pricing, in other words, the best way to price the burning of fossil fuels out of our economy.

The more emails they receive by 11th July, the more likely they are to take notice

What to do:

Email [email protected], and copy in your MP

Include in your email:-

  • Who you are – a concerned citizen, a business owner, a business representative, an organisation or group?
  • That carbon fee and dividend, as a carbon pricing policy, could cut greenhouse gas emissions by 33 percent in nine years.
  • It would protect poor and middle income households and boost the economy.
  • This would make a huge contribution to Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions, much more effective than sticking with the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.
  • Finish with your name, who you represent if applicable (eg business, organisation, charity) and your home address and, if applicable, your work address

The consultation closes on 11 July 2019.

We want a much harder-hitting fee on fossil fuels than we already have (petrol duty/road tax/EU ETS) and we can’t do this without a dividend to soften the blow on low and middle income families in particular.

The more emails they receive at [email protected] – from individuals, activists, charities, business owners, etc, YOU! – the more chance we will have for a carbon fee that really cuts down emissions.