Excellent to see an article in the widely-read journal Newsweek about the shift taking place in American politics – despite Trump.

The article reports that a recent study by academics van Bovan and Sherman, at universities in Colorado and California, finds that most Republicans not only believe that climate change is real and threatening, but also that it’s largely caused by greenhouse gas emissions produced by us.

The bad news is that most Republicans still don’t support climate policy – because they don’t believe that other Republicans agree with them!

Is the same thing happening in the UK – and even globally?

Do we tend to lag on climate policy – because we think other countries are lagging?

For instance – how many people are aware of the swelling support for climate action in the US congress itself?

Did you, yourself, realize that the bi-partisan Climate Solutions Caucus, founded only months before the 2016 election, now boasts 88 members, and – importantly – its 44 Republicans comprise 20% of the Republicans in the current House of Representatives.

This is the news we never hear in the mainstream press – and it could save us.

There really is a small, ignored, totally under-reported band-wagon beginning to roll – but only if we join it.

Please, let’s jump on and MAKE A NOISE ABOUT IT!