show the love badges

Download badges and heartfelt climate conversations

Valentine’s Day 2018, CCL UK is taking part in Show the Love, an initiative by the Climate Coalition, with our own version of the green hearts.

There are plenty of ways for you to join in, not just to show the love for our climate and planet, but also to have a conversation with family, friend, colleague or MP about our workable solution, Carbon Fee and Dividend:

Heartfelt Climate Conversation

You can download a sheet with both badges and the following conversation points, so you can keep them handy on Feb 14th:

  • Are you concerned about climate change and air pollution?
  • Do you know the main causes? (Answer: carbon dioxide, and other gases and particulates from the burning of fossil fuels)
  • Did you know there’s a solution that will pay us for burning fewer fossil fuels?
    Individual action won’t work fast enough to combat climate change.
    Citizens’ Climate Lobby UK proposes a fee placed on fossil fuels when they enter the country, whether through import or extraction. This would encourage more investment into future clean energy available to everyone.
    The money raised by this fee would be divided equally between UK citizens, which means that those who use alternatives to fossil fuels would come out ahead.

    CCL UK members lobby our Government to adopt this Carbon Fee and Dividend.
    There’s more information on

Have fun and let us know how you get on.